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2007-05-25 - Day 4

Das Cleanse, Day 4

Today was alright. I was ridiculously forgetful today - I kept having to go back and forth between floors because I had forgotten my lemonaid. It was making me chuckle to myself at first, but then it got downright annoying.

I wrote my name on my cup so no one would accidentally throw it away.

I was working slowly because instead of working, I was having conversations with coworkers. One conversation of note focused on parallel universes and black holes. Amor had asked me the other night what a black hole was (he directs all his scientific questions to me), and I just couldn't really explain it. I know it's a point in the universe where nothing can escape, not even light. Doesn't it have infinite gravity? One conversationalist said it's where time begins and time ends. Fascinating.

I had to walk home from work again today - it was so pleasant out. I didn't sweat, which was a miracle. This city is so damn humid all the time, today was freakishly less humid than normal. And there was a breeze. And I did not get air-raided by the protective momma mockingbird today.

Once I got home, I sat for a bit and then hopped on my bike to bikram yoga. I had such a killer class, I can't even explain it to you. It's one of the best classes I've ever had, which surprised me.... again. There's something about this yoga, y'all, I'm telling you. The ride home was awesome - the smell of the magnolias was absolutely intoxicating.

Francis was telling me Tuesday that I'm hardcore in her sweet little Asian voice. She has picked up some words from me, and I love it. She also says dude, when she's emphasizing a point. This is great, in my mind.

Up at work, I was talking to this guy who had just finished the cleanse himself. He was saying he wasn't able to watch TV (while he was on the cleanse) because of all the food commercials. It's amazing how many food commercials are on TV. I'd never really noticed until I started doing these cleanses. And they're all focused on gooey cheese and delicious fried foods. You just watch.

I think I'm going to do 7 days instead of 10.


Amor may get off early enough tonight so's we can go see the midnight movie, Shaun of the Dead. He's never seen it, but I have. Not on the big screen, though.

However, in the meantime, I am in a great state of desire to curl up on the sofa and watch a damn movie right now, which will be the 5th Element. I absolutely love Milla. I always thought it was weird that Dylan from 90210 was in this movie, and it undoubtedly will make me feel slightly uncomfortable (just like it always does every time I view this film) to see him in this role. Just like whenever I see Jeff Bridges in anything ------> he's always The Dude.

10:04 Friday night

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