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2007-05-29 - Day 8


I'm so happy today! I got some emails from my new coworkers telling me they're glad I'm going to start work on Monday, they can't wait, and I'm going to be a good fit. This is awesome! I keep thinking this is too good to be true.

Things are not that bad at my current job. I still haven't told everyone I'm leaving. I think there's something seriously wrong with me. I start to tell people, and then just chicken out. My boss(es) know, of course. But the big boss was like, "Well, I'm not going to tell anyone unless they ask."

Tomorrow. It will be the day when I tell everyone. You just wait and see!


The cleanse is still going great - I'm tapering it off, though. Had some carrot juice this morning and all day today - it made me feel all jazzed and hyper. Now it's diluted apple juice, and it's making me tired.

I think I'll have some fresh fruit tomorrow at lunch. Then Amor's vegetable soup for dinner! I'm so ready to go back into the land of food. It's amazing to think I've gone 8 days, now, without solid food. It's going to feel so weird to chew something in my mouth tomorrow.

This sure gives you a new appreciation for food and drink and everything that goes along with it. So much of our social interacting revolves around food and drink.

Oh, I meant to say what happens. See, while you're on the cleanse, you have all these cravings for junk food and crap. But when you actually get off the cleanse, those foods don't taste good to you anymore. The foods that actually taste good are the fruits and vegetables. It's really amazing.

Then of course, over time you start to eat more crap and less fruit and veg. But the goal is to not let this happen too much, of course.


MORRISSEY WAS AWESOME! He was so amazing amazing amazing! It was all Amor's idea to go in the first place, may God bless my husband. There I was, listening to songs I'd been listening to for at least 20 years. He played Disappointed, which totally rocked. I mean, he and his band have this huge wall of sound, it was heavy. They closed out with How soon is now? He introduced his band as the "cheerleaders" - was really funny and charming, even when someone threw a cup of beer at the stage halfway through their new song called This is what is feels like to grow up or something similiar to that. He changed his shirt 4 times, each time throwing it into the audience. He looks great for being 48 or however old he is. The second song they played was Last of the famous international playboys. Also notable were Panic (a Smiths song), You're gonna need someone on your side, Everyday is like Sunday, The national front disco, and more I'd never heard before, but still rocked. There was this one he was singing something about "SOS", I don't know the name of it, but it had this cool thunder/rain effect in it, Amor and I really enjoyed it. I wish I knew the name of the song.

My favorite was Disappointed.

Also notable was the opening artist Kr!steen Young - she was kinda like Tori Amos, but more spastic.


My brain is all weird right now... This song from my childhood just popped in for no reason whatsoever. I remember it made me so sad when I was a kid. Does anyone else remember this song?


6:37 p.m. Tuesday

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