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2007-10-28 - sounds of home

This is my 4th day off in a row, and it feels great. It's been a really nice break.

I got to hang out with my mom for 2 days, which made her so happy. Rita, too. My mom's dementia is becoming more apparent lately. It breaks my heart. Since I've gotten back, I've been emotional about it. And I watched Away from her by Sarah Polley. Great film, dealing with Alzheimer's, but it left me feeling down. I'm just starting to realize the magnitude of what me and my family are about to face as my mom's dementia progresses. But you know, she deals with this thing so well. She is rock-solid in positivity and love and happiness, I could stand to learn a thing or two from my mom. We're a family, we have to stick together and not fight each other about it. (Tell that to my dad, somebody, please?)


Today's weather is so choice. I went to a late night/early morning ride last night and didn't get home until 5:30 a.m. Rarely do I come home to find Amor asleep - it's 99.99% of the time the other way around!

Love being back on my bike.

And I've been to Bikram four times, now. My body's really happy about that. Last Sunday's class was a bitch, I thought I was going to just die!

Anyway, I slept in a bit today, as I listened to Amor get ready for work. (This rarely happens, too.) It was so relaxing, just closing my eyes and listening to his movements around the apartment. I wanted to get up and make him some tea, but the gravity of the bed was more powerful. He's on his own to find caffeine today. Heard him turn the water on and off, on and off as he shaved. The creaking of the ironing board as he ironed his chef jacket.

I'm falling in love with him more and more.


I got new glasses the other day. I'm a contact-lens wearer, but wear glasses in the evenings. Anyway, my old prescription was almost 10 years old and needed to be updated. The frames are cool - they are bright green on the side that faces in. They look alright.


When I was in SA, Rita put up all her Halloween decorations and I was inspired. Yesterday, I put up some decorations myself. I found this goul-in-a-cage that hangs from the ceiling. It's scary. And a giant vampire bat.

So, for halloween I'm going to be a midnight goth fairy schoolgirl.

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