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2007-11-18 - easy like Sunday morning

For my job, I went to Arkansas Tuesday and got back Friday. There's this chicken processing company (HUGE) and me and other people from across the country from my company went as well. To make a long story short, I got to see how chickens are killed. I got to see the entire process. It is... heavy. I'm still going to eat chicken, though. But it was very heavy.

I got back Friday afternoon & had to take the beltway back to work from the airport. I sort-of got lost, but managed to snake my way across the city using our fabulous highway system, and didn't go too out of my way. I'm getting so much better at navigating the city (aside from my conquest of downtown).

Work is hectic. I've got all this stuff to tie up before Thanksgiving.

Amor & I went to see Ian Moore Friday night. I was dog-tired, but since we are TRUE fans, we always go see him. It was a really great show. Ian was drinking, and it made him loosen up, which was great. He doesn't play his old stuff anymore, but this time he did: Jesus crossed the Rio Grande - and everyone sang along. It made him happy.

I forgot my camera when I went to Arkansas, so I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful fall colors. It was gorgeous there, and the weather was very fall-like. Down here, we don't really have a fall. It just goes from summer to winter (which isn't much of a winter - it mostly just rains and drops to 40 degrees at the lowest).

Anyway, so at the Ian show, Amor and I had a really good time together. Amor's been under the weather lately, so all he drank was Guiness (which is good for you). I had Dos Equis with lime. We ended up not hanging out with the band, as we normally do, we were making out against a wall after the show for quite some time - so we decided to take it home! Yowza - we didn't fall asleep until 3. And then I had to get up the next day at 7:30 for a bikeride.

Which was an awesome ride! (Today, it's raining. A bikeride is not possible. I think it's a Bikram Yoga day.)

I went with DR and 2 other people from the team, then around 11 a.m., DR and I went off on our own to make our way to the St. Arnold brewery tour. I had won an email-scavenger-hunt-contest a couple weeks ago, thus earning 2 free passes to the tour (normally it's five bucks). My first invitation extension was to Amor, but he had to work. Then I asked DR, because he's a huge beer fanatic. That's actually how we met - at a St. Arnold pub crawl 4 years ago.

So basically we started drinking around 1:30, got drunk on free beer, rode our bikes to his house around 4 and listened to his vinyl for a few hours. He's got this one album by this band from SF called The Residents that I've never heard of before - (he ended up giving me the album, he was so turned off by them - the album is Duck Stab/Buster & Glen - that he gave me the album. It's really weird stuff. Oh, and he also gave me the original Traveling Wilbury's album - hell yeah! I'm so stoked about that. We need a new needle for our record player, I should go out and get that today.

It's raining out, a perfect day for listening to vinyl.

Anyway, so then we wanted to go have BBQ at Goode Company and buy our pecan pies, so we did that. I had smoked a little bit of reefer and slightly had the munchies, plus I was drunk and had a fun time ordering my BBQ plate: I'll have the 2-meat combo, please! Beef brisket and Czech sausage! Sides, m'am? Potato salad & Austin baked beans! AND two whole pecan pies! Two pieces of pecan pie? No, no. Two pies, dos por favor, Si! yeah, I love that place. We scarfed our food, and I had a Lone Star Beer with mine.

Then we still wanted to hang out some more, so we went to the Gingerman and I had a Lindeman's Framboise and DR had a coffee stout, which really smelled/tasted like coffee. I wondered if it really had coffee in it.

By that time it was after 9, and we realized we had been hanging out for 12 hours and it was time to say goodbye.

Amor then got off work soon thereafter, and I was firmly planted in front of the TV watching My so called life DVDs that had come in from Blockbuster Online (I'd forgotten they were on my list). And while watching them, I realized something. Now that I'm older (I watched that show in my early college years), I can relate to the parents more than I used to. I understand more what's going on in their world, along with what's going on in Angela's world.

Well listen, I've got to go make breakfast for us before Amor heads to work. Then later today I'll probably go do yoga.

Next Sunday, we've got tickets to go see Tori Amos!

Peace out.

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