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2009-04-26 - I'm a completist

I'm writing this on my phone!

Well, I'm in my boyfriend's vehicle and we are on the road to see my rents. Let me tell you that again: my boyfriend is going to meet my rents today. We're meeting them for lunch in San Antonio, so it's about a 3 hour drive.

My horoscope today (and my boyfriend's too, we're the same sign, Sagittarius) said I need to bite my tongue today, there might be a furious emotional outburst that I get caught up in.

Thanks for the warning, MSN horoscope section! I read it to him, so he's in the know.

Whatever potential drama it is... I'm not sweating it. It can suck a bag of dicks for all I care! Take *THAT* emotional drama.

It's a nice day for a drive. I'm going to end this entry so I can have conversation with my boyfriend.

Oh wait, one more thing: I officially am completely moved out of my old apartment... and I live in a brand new place! With my bad ass boyfriend! With our 3 kitties! It feels so good. I donated the old sofa and the old bed, reminders of a weary failed marriage. It's GONE from my life. I'm finally completely free.

Oh, and another thing! I'm feeling ok after the wreck. Last night my boyfriend and I went out, and hung out with all our friends, and I showed off all my wounds and I had a realization that life is just too fragile and beautiful to fixate on bullshit.

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