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2009-05-10 - Money, Silversun and Europe pictures

Richard and I are on the cleanse together. We started last Sunday, May 3rd. I was super hungover, but I started anyway. We'd gone out Saturday night and I drank way too much. I even threw up Sunday morning, ugh. But I started anyway. The first 3 days were so horrible, I thought I was going to die. I was coming off my caffeine addiction, and I had a headache for those 3 days. Then Day 4 I pulled through. Now we're on Day 8 and I feel pretty good. I've been having this weird swing thing going on: one second I'm really lethargic, and then the next I'm bouncing off the walls excited. Yeah, annoying. We're shooting for 10 days. Richard's had no problems at all whatsoever. I haven't had solid food, caffeine or alcohol in 8 days, it's so weird! But it feels good. My body's taking a big breath of relief.

I've got more things to talk to you about than the cleanse.

Crazy stuff with my car: They took a check for me for a downpayment (April 30th) and said they wouldn't cash it until the 11th, but of COURSE they cashed it (it was a LOT of money - for me anyway, maybe not for a downpayment for a car) and all my finances got screwed up and Richard and I drove down to the dealership Monday and raised fucking HELL. They fixed things, thankfully, and I'm getting free tint out of it.

And I sold my ring. You know, the one from my failed marriage? Then the guy I sold it to called me back the next day and left a message: "Acorn, come by, I have more money for you." And so I went the next day and he gave me an extra hundred bucks. I have no idea what was up with that. I just grabbed the cash and got the hell out of there.

THEN I got the money back from my deposit from my old apartment. Pretty much all of it, I was floored. You remember that this is the apartment I cut a hole in the closet door for my cat to go through to get to her litterbox, then fixed it with spackle? I sanded it, too. I thought it looked aieet. Apparently the apartment people thought so too.

Kick ass!

So, basically nothing's really changed since I had my wreck 3 weeks ago except I have a brand new car and lower monthly payments. It's crazy how things are working out.

I mailed my ex-husband 3 boxes of his stuff that he left here. Stuff he probably doesn't even remember that he left. It cost me close to $50 to send it. He got it the other day and shot me an email. We haven't been talking, so it was nice to hear from him. I wrote him back telling him about my wreck and how Thor died. I asked how his family was. I haven't heard back from him. But that's OK.

I am so stoked about all the new music that's been coming out. Silversun Pickups new album ROCKS. Depeche Mode's new album kicks ASS. And the new Cracker is really really good, too!

And movies out the ass! We went to see Sunshine Cleaning (awesome! hilarious! I loved the part about the lobsterclawman), Wolverine (so cool) and Star Trek (so good so good so good! See future San Francisco!) and can't WAIT to see the new Terminator!!!

I just had a thought... remember how I had to use my savings for my motorcycle fund to pay off my 2008 taxes? Well, that money I got back from my apartment complex? That's going straight into my motorcycle fund! Oh, I'm going to get that bike, just you wait! I've been going out on the back of Richard's bike a few times, and it's gotten me all hot and bothered about getting one. Perhaps a Honda Shadow Aero? Or have you seen the new Fury? Wow.

OK, so I promised you in 2006 that I would post pictures of when I went to Europe and I never did. Well, I've been doing some major housekeeping, going through old crap that I've been meaning to go through for a LONG while. Here's some pics from the end of September, 2006.

Here's some geese in a church in Barcelona. They, like, guard the church or something.

This is the unfinished Gaudi Cathedral. It may be finished now, I have no idea.

Close-up of one of the columns.

Ah, the Mediterranean.

This is from the Sound of Music Tour.

Neuschwanstein castle.

It was so foggy, you could barely see the castle.

German countryside.

This was in a church in Germany. I can't remember the name of the church, it was almost 3 years ago that I went.

Berlin. I loved Berlin!

I can't remember where this was taken, only that it was in Germany. I don't think it was Berlin.


Oh, and Happy Mother's day!

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