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2010-02-15 - curry for Valentine's


I had my OJ for breakfast on Sunday, made some for Richard, too. It's like liquid sunshine. Then we went on a bike ride to this grocery store that's a couple of blocks down the street (not my usual grocery store) and it kinda whooped my ass a tad. At the store I bought crackers, potatoes, a huge jalapeno pepper and one bunch of cilantro.

I took some pics on the way to and fro.

To get my freshly cleansed digestive system into the swing of things, I made some soup for lunch. It included: kale, black beans, onion, garlic, mix veg (I always keep a bag in the freezer), and barley.

While this was cooking, I roasted some garlic bulbs. You use a serrated knife and cut 1/4 inch off the top and pour a little olive oil on top. I used a muffin tin for each bulb, wrapped in foil. 40 minutes later in a 375F oven, you have creamy, garlic-y goodness. We squeezed out the garlic and smoothed it over the crackers that I bought at the store earlier. It's like a Little Mexico store, everyone there speaks Spanish.

Anyway, it wiped me out eating the soup, I swear. I had to rest a little bit.

A little while later I started cooking our Valentine's Day dinner. First I roasted some sweet potatoes. Then I put in the blender a whole onion, squeezed a few cloves of the roasted garlic, the jalapeno, a little salt, curry powder, ground cumin, ground corriander, and the entire bunch of cilantro with a little chicken stock. I heated a big pot with some oil in the bottom, and got it nice a hot. Then poured the onion/jalapeno/cilantro stuff in the hot oil to the sound of a satisfying sizzle with pops. The smell was amazing. I chopped the potatoes (just regular white potatoes) and threw those in with some more chicken stock. I had a bottle of store-bought tikka masala curry that I threw in. I thought it was going to be kinda weird, but the flavors married up quite nicely. Then I took 4 chicken breasts and seared them in a pan real quick in some melted butter, transferred them to the cutting board to cool, then chopped them up into bite-size pieces and tossed them into the curry. I let that simmer for a bit while adding a bit more curry powder and spices and such as I tasted it. And some salt, too, of course. Oh, and the last second I added some coconut milk.

I almost forgot to make the rice, but remembered at the last second and got the basmati going.

Man that was a good dinner. Made with love! I actually didn't eat much of it because I was easing myself back into food.

But I had the curry for lunch today at work and it was fantastic. Then I came home from work and heated up some for Richard for his dinner. Yum yum yum yum yum!

I still haven't had any caffeine since... I think it has been 2 weeks now? I will probably have some soon. I love my tea in the mornings, do I!

Dude, I've been reading my diary over again. I went back and read like the first 2 years of it (well, I actually technically started d'land on another diary called just "Acorn" in 2000, but I deleted it when a few people found out about it that I didn't want to know about it, then I started this one in 2004, I think, but deleted 2004-2006.) I wish I hadn't deleted all those years. I have hardcopies at least. Anyway, so yeah, I was going back and reading 2006-2008, the time when I was finishing up grad school.... and man I used to be a really angry person. I can't get my head around as to exactly why, only that I was constantly working on not being angry all the fucking time. I was so fixated on it, and Wade was fixated on it, too. Was it because I was married? Was it because grad school made me crazy? No, cuz I was angry way before that. I've been really happy lately. And by lately I mean the past year. I had about a year after breaking up with Wade (it was actually exactly 2 years ago that I told Wade I was officially quitting our marriage, I wanted OUT) where I was really messed up. I'd come home and cry on Richard's shoulder after work. I could barely hold it together. We went out practically every night drinking. It made the pain go away.

I don't really know where I'm going with this. I guess I just want to figure things out in my head, and I'm not always good about doing that. I just go with things, and I don't think them through. I go with my gut most of the time. It's head vs. heart, and my heart always wins.

Anyway, I'm tired of being on the computer. I'm sorry this is kinda unfinished. I guess I just had to have a brain fart or something.


I had my mid-year review with the boss lady today and it went swimmingly. I'm doing great with the coworker out on maternity. I'm holding up things on my end which is great. I was so fucking brain dead when I was going through my divorce, I'm lucky I didn't get fired.


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