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2010-02-19 - waiting for my bike friends near the beltway

It's Friday, TGIF! I'm taking the day off today. I still have to check my email, though.

I'm waiting in my car for my bike friends. They're running late. I have the car running, and the heat's blasting. It's 47F, high of 60 today. Cloudy. It's gonna be a chilly one, especially on a bike.

Anyway, I'm coming off the cleanse swimmingly. I've gained 3 pounds back. I learned: alcohol keeps me from reaching my fitness goals. If I drink, the next day I don't work out. And plus it's extra extra calories. I haven't drank alcohol (or caffeine) in about 3 weeks. I coulda had alcohol last night, but I just didn't feel like it! My body is so pristine right now.

I don't ever use my bike rack anymore. I don't want to fuck up the exterior of my new car. (You know, the one I had to purchase when my car got totalled last April?) So instead, to transport my bike, I take the front wheel off and pop it into the back seat.

Another thing I learned from being on the cleanse is that it's ok to be hungry. TV commercials teach you that feeling hungry is bad. It's not. I'm not talking starving yourself, I'm talking not stuffing your face ever single time you feel that twinge.

I also learned that I have lots more energy in the morning when I'm not on the caffeine.

I'm not saying I'm never going to drink caffeine or alcohol again, fuck that! I'm just kinda enjoying the break.

My boyfriend's been insane busy with work lately, like, a couple months now maybe. I get home from work, we eat dinner, watch some tv together, then I crash out while he stays up for a few more hours to work.

We live for weekends, don't you know. We're going out tonight. Probably the usual bar-hopping at first, then we'll end up dancing at this club we haven't been to in a while. It's actually where we first met, about 5 years ago. I met Richard the beginning of May, 2005. It was like 2 magnets coming together in a forceful clink, Wade didn't like that.

Man, where are my bike friends? I gotta pee, and there's not any facilities nearby. Damn late people.

So yeah, tonight I think I'm gonna wear this cute strapless little black dress I got at Target. It's so comfy, I don't even have to wear a bra!

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