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2010-03-26 - It's 9:40 PM on a Friday.

I've got a 3 day weekend. I'm taking Monday off for no particular reason. Woo hoo!

I went on a bike ride with Richard Tuesday after work. We ended up getting in a fight towards the end of the ride because I was over-excited about being on my mountain bike (I hadn't been on it in forever), and I was going really fast and not waiting for him and he got pissed off because I was being selfish. I just get so fucking excited about riding!!! Anyway, so we had a spat, and then on our way home we stopped at this bridge where a bat colony lives, and it was right at the time when they were coming out for the night - AMAZING! So fucking cool.

Anyway, I took some pics from our ride... I didn't get any good pictures of the bats, they were too fast and just look like blurs of black smudgy stuff.

I cleaned out my cube at work today. There were papers from the last 2 people who had my position before me - spreadsheets and shit from 5-10 years ago. I threw it all out. I have so much space in my cube now, ah, I can breathe. I recycled half a trashcan full - one of those huge blue recycle bins with the black hinged lid.

Anyway, we went out last night drinking and I drank too much and I was so tired today at work. But I still managed to come home and do an hour of cardio, some yoga (a few sun salutations) and my 9 pushups. Yeah!

Drunken picture of my beer. My, let me tell you how much I love Tecate beer, with a wedge of lime squeezed in.

I've got to ride tomorrow. It's supposed to be great weather, but a little windy. Maybe I'll take the mountain bike again. Sunday is a big group ride, 60+ miles. I hope I can do it!

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