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2010-03-29 - Closet improvement

Saturday - we slept in a little bit, then I went on a bike ride by myself on my mountain bike. The weather was beautiful! I went maybe 10 miles, and pushed myself as hard as I could. I took a bunch of lovely pictures:

The colors of Spring are so vibrant!

There were flowers blooming all over the place.

Sunday I got up at 3:30 in the morning to pick up a fellow rider - we were going on an early ride way the fuck out in BFE, so I had to pick her up before 5. JESUS that's early. Well, the ride was insanely difficult. It was insanely windy. I did about 73 miles, my friend did about 40. I didn't ride with any of my teammates because this chick I gave a ride to decided to do a lower mileage route at the very last second and I didn't get a chance to hook up with anybody else. That was a drag. But somehow, I dug deep within myself to go that far. It was HARD, I thought I was gonna die the last 2 miles. I almost bonked. Thank GOD they had a lunch for all the riders - I ate immediately after I finished and rested for a little bit before we drove home. The chick I gave a ride to, she had to wait for me for an hour and a half while I finished. I gave her my spare key at the beginning of the ride, so she could get into the car.

I didn't take any pictures on the ride. Oh wait, yes I did. There was this really friendly horse.

So anyway, I didn't get home until 4 pm yesterday, and of course Richard wanted to go out. His friend's band was playing. I went. Yes, I went the fuck out and drank beer! I took all kinds of pictures from the bar. Check it out:

Then today (remember I took today off work) I worked on my damn closet all day long. It is awesome now! I installed a shelf that fell down about 6 months ago in the middle of the night, it scared the shit out of me and Richard, and the kitties were all freaked the fuck out for a while after that.

Here are all my tools.



This is the shelf I installed. Yes, it's level.

Anyway! I was supposed to check my email today for work, but I didn't. They can all suck it. Today's my fucking day off.

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