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2010-05-15 - it's supposed to rain all weekend

I have a confession - I like Lady Gaga and I want to be one of her little monster's too! I just downloaded some of her remixes and one album. I'll let you know how it works out for me.

I have pictures for you! The first 2 are from a bikeride I went on with Richard a week before the MS 15O, and then the rest are from last Saturday when my older sister came to visit and we went to the Art Car Parade.

There was a famous person riding in the Roach Car this year.

I love the Beatles. Have I told you how much I love them? I think they are the greatest band in the whole universe.

This was my favorite art car. it's like the guy just couldn't decide between a dune buggy and Lord of the Rings.

Saw this shot on the way home.

Me and my older sister:

Me and Richard:

My foot/heel hurts more today than it ever has. I guess I need to take more blue pills.

I'm going stir crazy. I haven't been out of the apartment at all this past week except to go to work and check the mail. Oh wait, we went out Wednesday to dinner with friends, then we saw Iron Man 2. But still, I need to get out! I can hobble along pretty well with this boot on. But it's supposed to rain all weekend. Nobody goes out when it's raining. We might just have to break that rule tonight.

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