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2010-05-22 - Springtheme

It seems like my boyfriend & I have been fighting all week over stupid stupid shit! We're both really really stressed out over our jobs, and when we're together, we're even more stressed because we feed off each other and expect the other to relieve that stress, and when it doesn't happen, we both get even more pissed off. It's turned into a nasty cycle, coming to a head Thursday night. We talked it all out into the open, at least we did that. I love him so much! It kills me when we fight. We shouldn't be fighting. We should turn our passion into something else... you know what I'm talkin bout, rawr!

I'm *so* bad at communicating! I can write, though. Boy can I write! When we're fighting, I clam up and he demands that I respond to his inquiries. Maybe I need to just tell him, hey I can't talk right now, the words won't come out at all, I start to tear up, and all I can do is blubber about.

Jesus Christ.

Last night I invited Roxy to come to 2 gatherings with me. The first was dinner at Candy's (yes we're still friends, cool!), then over to one of my bike friend's house for conversation & doobie. Roxy doesn't smoke out at all. So then we did all that AND made it to #s by midnight AND I got free rock star parking at the club. Hells yeah! Then (and I'm going to pay for it today in pain) I danced for a while on my hurt heel with my boot on. I hadn't had my double-strength prescription Naproxen since the AM, so I figured it was OK to have a couple drinks, which I did. Richard waited on me hand and foot, it was nice! And I got a sweet place to sit on the speaker and put my poor foot up for most of the time. I looked like a freak with my black outfit & support boot that stuck out like a sore thumb, but I didn't care... I wanted to dance! I think my heel's gonna be ok.

I'm still going to keep wearing my boot, and go to therapy next week again. That was good - I went on Wednesday. They put electrodes on my foot, did ultrasound, and gave me exercises to do. I feel *so* much better, it's like, that 1 therapy session was the go-ahead for my brain to tell my body, Hey, get better NOW.

Richard's job is stressful because he has a million clients right now, he's doing it all on his own, and every day he has to save the world by being either Superman, Jesus, or Supermanjesus.

My job's stressful cuz that coworker of mine that went on maternity leave a while back, well, she quit. So now we're all covering her crap, PLUS we've got this new system we're rolling out, and it's taking the work of 2 people from all of us (and we're a tiny department, there's just 4 of us now, including my boss). So we're doing all that plus our normal jobs on top of all that, it's like I'm doing the work of 3 people.


No wonder Richard feels like he doesn't have a girlfriend.

But at least it's all temporary! We've just got to hang on!

Oh, and I'm getting a promotion & a raise. Whoop whoop!

More about last night: so apparently when Roxy gets drunk and angry, she gets mean and stubborn. So we had some major drama after the club, we ended up driving around for over an hour looking for her, another friend of ours finally picked her up at 4:30 AM and took her home to her husband. Jesus. We were calling her, she wouldn't tell us where she was (I guess she was wandering about?), and she kept hanging up on us!


Well I gotta get up now. No sleep for the weary.

Dr. says I can't put any pressure on my foot at all, so I've got to get creative with my exercise. Maybe swimming? Is it too cold for that? Upper body stuff at the gym? I'll figure it out.

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