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2010-10-19 - Tuesday night TV time

I got 12 minutes until SGU, so I'll make this quick.

Weekend was AWESOME. I rode the Bike around the Bay ride (fully supported) - 155 miles in 2 days. There were about 800 riders total. There were about 8 of us from my bike team, we all had a frickin blast. Richard stayed overnight with us, that was so nice to have him there.

The ride was amazing and beautiful. We all loaded onto a ferry on the first day and we saw DOLPHINS! I've never seen dolphins in the wild before, and it was absolutely thrilling.

The first day was 80 miles, the second was 75.

I'm taking tomorrow off to go talk to a friend's classroom, 6-8th graders about.... I really don't know exactly. He says he just wants me to talk to them about being a woman in the workforce, kind of, and how I use math. I do use math every day. My friend teaches math. We've known each other since junior high - I was probably 12 or 13, he was 14 or 15. He said the kids will probably ask me what he was like back then. I'm so unprepared!

I'm exhausted tonight. So weak! I don't think I ever fully recovered from my ride this weekend.

The elbow gash continues to heal swimmingly.

SGU is on now.

Sitting on the couch with kitties + Richard. Love love love love love!!

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