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2010-12-18 - killer Daewoo

I'm in bed, kitties woke me up an hour and a half ago to feed them. So I did. It's not light outside, but not dark, either. A grey glow is coming through the blinds on the window in our bedroom. Our apartment is very quiet, I can barely hear Richard's sleepy breathing pattern next to me. I'm snuggled next to his body for warmth. He's my huggie bear.

I've got so much on my to do list this weekend. I want to go to work today, there's a Target near my job that I want to shop at, only I don't really know what I'm shopping for. I don't buy people Christmas gifts. My older sister's b'day is 3 days after Christmas. Also today, I want to clean the whole apartment. And I want to cook a ton of food and portion it out into those ziplock containers so I'll have good food to eat while I'm healing from my surgery. But in order to do that, I have to make a trip to the grocery store. Lots to do today. It's 7:47 in the morning, and the whole day is mine! Oh! And I also want to go to the gym. Maybe I'll do that first. Then by the time I get back, Richard will be up and I can make us breakfast. I got this huge fruit basket from work for Xmas, so we'll have some fruit for breakfast. I love grapefruit halves with cinnamon + sugar. Richard hates oatmeal (hater!), but I love it. I'll make myself some oatmeal, and maybe make him some toast. We don't have a toaster, so I make toast in the oven. What a waste of energy! Maybe I'll pick up a toaster at Target today, if I remember. I'd start buying Eggo waffles if I owned a toaster.

I love peanut butter.

Last night Richard and I ate dinner together when I got home around 7. I made Texmati rice (it's the most awesome rice on the planet), cannelini beans with oregano, and roasted broccoli. Oh, and as an appetizer: quesadillas. Good stuff. So we sat on the couch and ate dinner, and watched the Soup, which had Diddy on, doing a skit with Mankini, a giant maxipad, and Lou the dog. Hilarious. Then I washed the dishes. Pineapple Express (movie) came on, and I got inspired. So I broke out the bong and had a toke (or two!), that movie is so funny! "Yeah, I killed him with my fucking Daewoo!"

Then we crashed out, both of us, at 10:30 pm. We were out like a light.

And now I'm awake on a Saturday in December. It's 55F out. Going to the gym.

Aw! Maybe not just yet. Niko just plopped down on me, I'm under her control! Can't. Move. Body. Kitty. Cuteness. Overwhelming!

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