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2010-12-25 - Merry Merry

Merry Jesusmas! Merry Sithmas!

I've been off work since Wednesday, and it feels great. I made the mistake of checking my work email on Wed, so did a little bit of work. Will have to do a tad bit more on Monday, oh well. I appears that the world might collapse if I'm not there to save it.

I jogged on the treadmill Thursday, and went on a tiny bikeride with my team yesterday morning. We have a new team member who just bought an expensive new bike, and got pressured into getting clips, and she is deathly afraid of them. I gave her the advice that she should consider switching out her pedals to normal ones, and just wear her tennies. She liked that idea a LOT. man, I've been riding my bicycle(s) seriously since 1993, and I didn't get clips until 2000. I think a person needs time to acclimate to just riding a damn bike, much less getting comfortable with friggin clips. Oh me oh my, these dudes at the bike shop make so much money pressuring people to buy bike accessories they're not ready for at the moment. It chaps my hide, I tell ya.

It's 9 on Xmas morning and we're supposed to go over to this chick's condo for pancakes (her tradition for all us orphans), but I'm not sure I want to go. She was supposed to be on that team ride yesterday morning, but totally blew me off, didn't answer my texts until noon. So, I'm not feelin the love right now. Richard is sound asleep beside me, I'm not even going to THINK about poking the bear. Maybe I'll just make pancakes here at home.

The apartment is spotless. I spent all day Wednesday cleaning, dusting, mopping. It looks great. I finally cleaned the kitchen counter off, there was more junk on there than counter space! It feels nice. I am enjoying my vacation in a clean apartment.

Richard worked all day yesterday, aside from when we ventured out at 4 to look for food. Everyone was closed! We drove around for 45 minutes looking for any place that was open. We finally found a chain place that would be open til 8. Score! Richard tipped the dude 100%, and we had a $60 tab. Merry Xmas, buddy.

Then we came home and got in bed. Richard worked on his laptop, and I watched movies. All 3 kitties decided to lay on different body parts of mine... I had THREE kitties pinning me down on the bed. My bum heel (that I broke in the moto accident back in May) was giving me grief, but I couldn't find a comfortable position without messing up the kitties. Finally I just had to say Fuck It, and moved my legs to a more comfortable position so my stupid heel wasn't hurting anymore, and consequently scattering the kitties off the bed. Sorry kitties! I watched "Exit Through the Giftshop" and "Ink". Great "Acorn" movies. Ink started off kinda bad, I almost turned it off, for the first 30 minutes there wasn't any sort of context, I was like, "Ink? If you dont give me something soon, I'm turning you off and switching to another movie on Netflix." It delivered. Exit was great! I'd been wanting to see this movie since it came out in the theatres, a while back.

Like I mentioned before, Richard and I didn't exchange gifts. I think it's great. There's no pressure, and every other day of the year we have a blast. He says he feels guilty and I'm just rationalizing the fact neither one of us have time in our insane schedules to buy gifts for each other. Hey, at least we put up a tree this year! Baby steps.

Then after we watched my 2 movies, Richard got to pick one - The Last Boyscout. But I fell asleep and he switched over to 2012, and it woke me up cuz it was loud! You know how those natural disaster movies are.

So I think the plan for today will be (planning the day while snuggled in bed with my boyfriend and kitties is AWESOME) get up in a while, make pancake breakfast, blow off my flaky friend, take a shower, sit on the couch and watch a Christmas story one or two times on TV, or whatever Xmas movies they have on there. Maybe go to a local pub here that's serving a traditional Xmas dinner for $24. Then out drinking with friends. Oh, and maybe after breakfast, a jog at the gym, or Turbo Jam. I gotta throw in some sort of exercise in the mix.

It rained last night. We needed it. We're going through a drought here in Texas right now, believe it or not.

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