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2010-12-29 - My hair is getting longer, people are starting to take notice.

We were going to go see Black Swan tonight, but there's a flood warning because of all the rain we've had in the last 24 hours.

So we're in the bedroom geeking out with the kitties on the bed, I'm at my computer desk, I turned on the electric blanket, and Niko and Vengence (yes, I know it's spelled wrong on purpose) are drunk on heat. They can both barely open their eyes.

We haven't taken down the tree yet. Will probably do that after the hullaballoo Friday night.

D land

I don't want to do anything "special" for New Year's Eve. Every time we do something special, it ends up sucking. I just want to hang out at our normal bars, with our normal friends, with our normal clothes, and our normal drinks.

D land

Did I mention that I got Richard a black Xmas tree to match his black soul?


I've been pretty good about exercise whilst on vacation. I didn't do anything yesterday, though, because I was hungover. I lay in bed literally all day. Here he is at the bar Monday night, it's his fault I was hungover with his peer pressure and drinks and shots and deceptive smile!

D land

We were bickering last night about what movie to watch on Netflix from the XBox. He was saying that all the movies I suggested were dark and violent and foreign. He said he just wanted to watch a "normal" "American" movie. We settled on that Benjamin Button movie, it was OK.

I'd really wanted to see "Dead Girl" (not foreign, but dark and violent) or "Let the right one in". Maybe tonight, with it being all dark and rainy. Perfect.

We watched "Cronos" the other night, that was good and foreign and dark and kinda violent. Did you know Ron Perlman is in it?

I'm going to go make some dinner now of the poultry persuasion. And maybe some rice. I don't have any fresh vegetables (we need to go grocery shopping). Maybe I'll do something with the frozen peas, or maybe the frozen green beans. Or maybe both?

David Lowery has announced that he is coming out with a solo album (after 27 years of playing in Camper Van Beethoven and/or Cracker) and you can go here to get a free MP3.

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