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2011-02-07 - a little hard on the beaver

Ok, so I was a little hard on Richard last entry, and I do need to give cred where cred is due. I never said I was perfect, although sometimes it is implied in this diary. I'm not in a perfect relationship.

Saturday I was hungover, and Richard spent the whole day with me on the couch. He took care of me, watched movies with me, and even stayed home with me Saturday night when I didn't feel like going out. He was really sweet.

Today was Monday. It's over, and I'm glad.

I'm doing "the cleanse" for dinner all this week. I gotta give my body a break.

I wish I was perfect, though. Every day I try really hard, but fail a lot of the time. I do all these insane wondrous things, though. So I guess it balances out most the time. I'm really hard on myself.

I still have a cough and my nose is running a ton.

But it's tolerable.

Watched Empire Records tonight on the couch with my honey.

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