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2011-07-07 - vegetables for dinner

So, that Monday ride we did on the 4th of July, I didn't eat any Advil at all... and I didn't get a migraine! I think I'm acclimating to the heat. Badass.

I roasted some veggies tonight for dinner with garlic powder and fresh ground white peppercorn: cherry tomatoes, green beans, fresh mushrooms, and fresh garlic. And a little salt and oil spray. YuMmY!!

I went to my lady-bits doctor today and everything looks GREAT! she said.

My dad's still leaving me messages AND he's making my mom leave me messages, too. It's so wrong he uses her like that. I've listened to a couple of messages from him... get this, he thinks I'm on drugs and that I should go to rehab. "Acorn, I know the way you're acting, it's not really you. Me and your mom, we can come up there and visit you and help you get the help that you need." He said he was going to come either to my apartment and/or my job. If he does come to my place of employment, I'm not worried because we have security that won't let anybody in the building without a guest pass. And if he comes to my apartment, we've got security here, too. If it comes down to it and he won't leave or something, my plan is to remain calm, ignore him, not engage him, and call the police.

I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday.

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