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2011-07-28 - too much TV rots your brain, and in other news: The Pantry of Death


Since we last spoke, I've seen Eels in concert, and I've flown to Dallas in a plane in the sky, stayed in Grapevine, TX at the most godawful fake "hotel" I've ever encountered. It had a water park in the hotel. I had a balcony that opened out into air conditioned air. I was completely weirded out the whole time. I'm glad to be home.

Wednesday was like a Monday.

Today was like a Tuesday.

Tomorrow better feel like fucking Friday.

We're moving. Now. We have til August 6th to move out, and we found a nice place to abide in HOWEVER the pantry smells like something died in it. I think something organic was left in there by the previous tenants, and it rotted the fuck out of itself and the putrid smell of death permeated the shelves and the walls of the pantry. The apartment cleaning people have come back to clean it TWICE, but it's still not satisfactory to my hyper-sensitive nose. SO, it's up to me to remedy the pantry of death.

1. I'm going to remove the shelves and soak them in the bathtub in some sort of combination of anti-bacterial, sudsy, anti-odor cleanser.

2. Purchase anti-odor paint, rollers, paintbrush, etc.

3. Purchase some good old Arm & Hammer baking soda.

4. Go to fucking town on that motherfucker.

5. Like hell if I'm going to put my food in that cesspit of olfactory abomination.

I still feel like I'm watching too much TV.

I want to start playing my guitar and bass again. You probably don't even know I'm musically inclined, do you.

After Louis CK (a TV show), we're going to take another load of crap over to our new apartment. Every little bit helps.

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